Ruediger (Tutor in Voorhout)

Voorhout, Zuid-Holland
Woonplaats: Voorhout
Lid Sinds: 04/11/2019
Laatste Inlog: 8 months ago
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Information about Ruediger

Native German but have lived abroad for 15 years now. I worked in Ireland for seven years and now live and work in The Netherlands. I am a native of Westphalia which is in the West of Germany close to the Dutch border.

My professional background is Software Sales for US Software companies. I studied English, Communication and Political Science and also certified as a bilingual business secretary for German and English at Dortmund Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

I speak German, English, Dutch and some French.

Availability: Monday to Sunday 9 am to 10 pm. Online on skype, zoom or google hangouts

Bereid om te reizen: Home Only

Ervaring:I have been teaching English and German since February of this year and have taught more than 90 students. Currently, i am working with 30 students on a regular basis ( for a few weeks or for several months)

I teach international students aged 16 to 99 from a broad variety of countries.

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