Baarn, Utrecht
Woonplaats: Baarn
Lid Sinds: 11/01/2018
Laatste Inlog: 6 years ago
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Tariefoverzicht: 16.00 to 25.00 per hour
BasisschoolVWOMBOHBOUniversiteitAdultes leerling

Information about Irene


My name is Irene. I am 19 years old from the Netherlands. I love teaching and Cooking.

Currently, I`m studying to become an English teacher in the Netherlands. As I want to get to know England better, not just for the holidays, I am gonna be spending three months here in Oxford. Besides just getting to know England I want to do some culture and literature, so this is what I will be doing in school myself. To earn a little bit of money beside school I decided to tutor as this is one of my passions.

I hope you got to know me enough, if not you can always e-mail me. [contact detail removed]


Availability: Still waiting for a set schedule,
available on evenings and weekends.

Bereid om te reizen:2 Bladeren Op Vakken

Ervaring:As I study to be an English teacher I have lots of experience working with kids and teenagers. It is my job to explain and help kids understand. Beside my internships in High school, 2 weekdays, I tutor at an official institute for homework supervising and tutoring.
3 years of teaching experience, 1-year experience in tutoring.

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