Leiden, Zuid-Holland
Woonplaats: Leiden
Lid Sinds: 18/02/2015
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Leiden University
Clinical Psychology
7.7  (2014)
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
8.3  (2012)

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Information about Andriana

A talented, well organised, clinical psychologist, who is passionate about research and has a big experience in university research projects with excellent performance. She thoroughly enjoys the challenge and raises standards regarding several complex research designs. She likes working independently but it is her pleasure to share her knowledge and help students feel more secure and confident. As an IBM certified specialist, she can assure that big data analyses can be conducted fast and accurately.

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Ervaring:Assistance and tutoring provided in several assignments and theses projects (both bachelor’s and Master’s) in Greece and in the Netherlands, all in the field of psychology. All papers were graded with excellent grades (8-9) while all students had complete understanding of the research project. Total responsibility was also taken and there has been familiarization with several research designs.*


-Literature research (access in university libraries)

-Methodology- Research design (lognitudinally, cross-sectionally, etc.)

-Statistical Analysis, mostly with SPSS

-Interpretation of the results

-Discussion of the results, theoretical and clinical implications, suggestions for further research

-Applying APA rules

-Giving feedback

-Explaining in detail each step

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