Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
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Information about Amyra

I am a teacher and tutor at ROCvanAmsterdam where I teach Dutch to students of different backgrounds and a wide age-range. The age varies between 18-60
I speak Dutch on a native level and have completed multiple studies in The Netherlands.

I love teaching and I am very flexible.

Availability: I am available on Tuesdays, Fridays and the weekends. Very flexible.

Bereid om te reizen:3 Bladeren Op Vakken

Ervaring:Translating experience of 3 years at a translating company named Concorde (the biggest one in The Netherlands)

Teaching and tutoring experience of 1 year at the national ROC van Amsterdam. I help students to integrate in the Dutch system and obtain their `Inburgerings` degree. The Dutch government require everybody over 18 years old, who lives in the and wants to work or study in the Netherlands, to obtain the `inburgeringsdiploma`. This is a degree which shows that your level of language and knowledge of The Netherlands is enough to be able to build a life in the country.

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